Alpine presenteert de A110 'Metamorphosis' op Art Paris

Door Redacção, 2 maanden geleden te Nieuwigheden

Alpine unveiled the A110 'Metamorphosis', a concept of a future dream car and of organic forms at the service of technology, which results from the artistic exchange between the French brand and the Belgian artist, Arne Quinze.

The work of art, which will be on display from March 30th to April 2nd at Art Paris 2023, is based on Alpine's DNA, which promotes agility and lightness. The sculpture symbolizes the materialization of a future dream car: gliding through the air, without wheels, as fast as light.

By incorporating moving lightning in the piece, the artist interprets the sensations of blur and speed present during a race, until the driver becomes one with the car and its technology. For Arne Quinze, when the car is in motion, it comes to life and becomes almost organic, almost vegetable. A form of harmony with emerging nature.

The aluminum structure with LEDs emanating from the Alpine, mounted on a floating podium to levitate it, represents a dreamlike manifestation of the technology behind the existence of the automobile. It incorporates the speed of light and all the opportunities for expansion of the Alpine A110, while the absence of wheels symbolizes the symbiosis with the environment and nature.


the third consecutive year, Alpine is exhibiting an original work at Art Paris, the world's leading modern and contemporary art event. In 2022, the Alpine A110 Sastruga, created in collaboration with the collective Obvious, closed the gap between the brand's heritage and modernity, using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to create an original and visionary piece of automotive art. In 2021, the collaboration with Felipe Pantone highlighted the interaction between color and Alpine excellence, through a painting work created entirely by hand by the artist.

“For this third collaboration at Art Paris, Arne Quinze was able to bring together technique and creation in a sensational art car, taking us to a fantasy future. His work echoes our ambition to create an automobile that is in tune with the movement. That's what our partnership with Art Paris is about: inspiring us by supporting and contributing to the influence of contemporary artistic talent”, underlined Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine.

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