Pu+Ra Zero is the manifesto that anticipates the return of Lancia

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Lancia is back and the revival of the Italian brand began this Monday, November 28, with the presentation of the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture that is nothing more than a three-dimensional manifesto that will inspire the next Ypsilon, Delta and 'Aurelia', three new models that will arrive between 2024 and 2028.

It is already known that the Lancia plan foresees the arrival within two years of the new Lancia Ypsilon, a model that will be about four meters long and will be positioned in segment B, and will be launched with a 100% electric thruster.

In 2026, the new standard-bearer, with a length of 4.6 meters, will arrive, which will allow the brand to enter the largest segment in Europe. The year 2028 will be the new Delta, 4.4 meters long, a sculpted and muscular car with geometric lines, that will attract automotive enthusiasts across Europe.

“The new era of Lancia begins today with a new logo and a clear design vision,” underlined Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia. “In anticipation of the new Ypsilon, the first model of the new Lancia, we present the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto that inspires the vehicles that will be launched between 2024 and 2028. A work of art in which the past and the future are in constant contact, in which elegance appears balanced with the radical spirit of forms. Today our revival begins, which will surprise Lancia fans around the world,” added the CEO of Lancia.

Born from the contraction of the words' Pure 'and' Radical ', the expression Lancia Pu+Ra Design translates the name of the brand's new and sustainable Design Language, which underlines the style of future Lancia models, intended to become unique and durable, and is the result of the brand's past and of some of the excellence typical of Italian style worldwide.

In fact, the soft, pure and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia models will be found in future Lancia cars, combined with the most modern expressions of radicality and simplicity, inspired by the language of furniture, architecture and fashion, as well as by the brand's sporting history, incorporated in the famous Stratos and Delta.

With the Lancia Pu+Ra Design, the volumes of the new vehicles are created by successive layers, adding and crossing elementary and iconic shapes, such as the circle, rectangle and triangle, combining them with eclectic details. The result is a global language that is not typically automotive.

In the field of interiors, Lancia Pu+ra Design was born from Italian furniture design, a excellence in Italian attention to detail, materials research and innovation. Lancia is inspired by this universe to create a unique space, created by simple geometries with a radical perspective, to welcome the customer in an enveloping space, capable of guaranteeing the same homely feeling experienced in the most refined and eclectic Italian living rooms. All of this is enriched by a “color blocking” approach and by the choice of improved and sustainable materials, which define the brand's future spirit.

The front of the Pu+Ra Zero anticipates the layout of the front design of the brand's future models, making it clear a reinterpretation of the history of the Lancia grille, which was also famous in the Aurelia and Delta.

Also noteworthy is the luminous signature of this sculpture, composed of three 'Y' shaped lines that will more easily identify the new Lancia. Above the luminous signature, the new Lancia lettering appears, which replaces the traditional shield.

On the back, the round, round-shaped rear headlights stand out, which refer to the Lancia Stratos and which have the inscription Lancia in the middle.

On the side, highlight the fluid lines and the placement of the Lancia shield on the central pillar. Inspired mainly by the 1957 logo introduced for the first time on the Lancia Flaminia, the new logo represents an authentic jewel, very classic in its aesthetics, where elements of simplicity and graphic purity intersect with precious elements in terms of colors, materials and treatments.

Conceived in aluminum and expressing the brand's new graphic codes, the new logo is “wrapped in light” and is the result of technologies used in the automotive industry, but not only that, as demonstrated by circular brushing, typical of watch dials.

“Lancia will once again be a desirable, respected and reliable brand in the European premium market”, concluded Luca Napolitano.

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